Menstrual and health education in rural Transylvania

From June to August 2020, we are bringing menstrual and health education in rural Tranyslvania, for over 100 girls aged 10 to 18 from Laslea, Mălâncrav, Florești, Roandola and Nou Săsesc, from Sibiu county.

We talked a lot to our girls about health, hygiene, menstruation, the changes the body undergoes during puberty and adolescence. We were asked a lot of questions and we faced many curious stares. That’s why we know there is a real need for girls to have menstrual and health education, to be able to talk to an experienced person who will be able to answer all their questions and curiosities.

We are happy to be partners with the Iele-Sanziene Association which will work with the girls from our village for 3 months. The girls are in good hands, the workshops will be delivered by a team that has worked with many teenagers on topics like menstruation, body hygiene, health, puberty and adolescence.

We will reach the 5 villages of the commune with the first health education program that girls have access to. The program includes topics like body hygiene, physical changes, menstruation and menstrual hygiene, scientific explanations about menstruation. The girls will receive informative brochures, a body hygiene kit, a set of reusable sanitary pads which will help them make less waste and stop spending money on disposable pads. And most importantly, they will be able to ask all the questions they have about the changes their bodies go through.

This is an educational program we designed observing the needs of the girls we work with and we are glad to finally start it, after a few months of delay due to the epidemiological situation in the country. For safety reasons, all health education activities will be held outdoors, the girls will receive masks and disinfecting gels and will keep a safe distance.

The health education project is carried out by the Iele-Sânziene Association in partnership with the House of Nature Association and financed by the “In stare de bine” program, supported by Kaufland Romania and implemented by the Foundation for Civil Society Development.

The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the “In stare de bine’ program.

educatie pentru sanatate
educatie pentru sanatate
educatie pentru sanatate