Traditional handicrafts near Sighișoara


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Hand-sewn medallions with traditional, nature-inspired motifs. They can be customized.

Silk cord included, with a colour of your choice: red, dark or light blue, dark or light green, pink, purple, cherry-coloured, salmon pink or orange.

Metal base, various sizes: about 2,5 cm for small medallions and 4,5 cm for large medallions

Price: 20 lei (4 euro)/small medallion, 40 lei (8 euro)/large medallion

The price of shipping by post is added to the original price of the medallions.

Place your order by email!

#handmade #autentic #sighisoara


Handmade braided bracelets. Customizable, with initials, vegetal or geometric motifs.

Metal base, varied diametres, aprox 2,5cm.

The strap is either silk (see aforementioned colors) or a textile manually braid.

Price: 20 lei (4 euro)

Shipping fee not included

Place your order by email!

#handmade #autentic #sighisoara