Entrepreneurial education

An autonomous young person is someone who understands the realities of their society..

   Since 2018, twice a week, 10 children meet at the workshop held in Mălâncrav, Sibiu, where they create handmade decorations, under the coordination of one of our very talented local artisans. We participate with the decorations at fairs and then reinvest the resources in workshops.

   In this process, children learn that honest work pays off and that teamwork is one of the most valuable aspects of life in a community. They are being helped to manage the budget, but also to understand what income, expenses, profit and losses mean. The mysteries of folk craft and entrepreneurship are taught to the younger generation.

  We are cultivating initiative, creativity and accountability. We are not afraid to experiment or to make mistakes.

   The children’s coordinator is Mrs. Elena Pascu, our unsurpassed craftswoman.