Reading club for kids in the village!

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For 2 years we have been offering stories to children from Transylvanian villages. The villages are magical for tourists, but fairy tales do not become a reality for the children who live here, due to the lack of opportunities.

We offer educational programs for these children. Over 300 children from 5 villages near Sighișoara have so far participated in programs for entrepreneurial, ecological, civic education and the digitalization of education through technology.

In the last months, 50 children from 5 villages have had the opportunity to catch up with what they lost during the coronavirus lock-down, at a reading and literacy club.

‘The club has helped my daughter with reading a lot, she is very happy when she goes to read and I want to thank you for the help given to the children.’ – Mother of a child

‘The children stop me on the street to ask me when we have the next meeting, they come and knock on my window during the weekend to work extra.’ – trainer

‘I really like everything we do; I don’t want the meetings to end’ – child from the club

‘It helped me read better, we collected the garbage from the village, we painted, we played, I want to go and play even more’ – child from the club

Help us continue for the children from the village! Literacy and the ability to read are the first step for quality education.

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